What is the origin of the name Dirivial?

It is relatively straight forward, I like the band Dire Straights so I thought I could include that somehow (Hence 'Di'). For the rest of the name I just went to dictionary.com and took the daily word 'Trivial'. I then combined the two to get 'Dirivial'.

What is your text editor of choice?

I mainly use VSCode, but I also like to use Neovim whenever I'm feeling spicy. If you want to get started with Neovim, I recommend LazyVim

What is your favorite OS?

I currently use MacOS and Windows 11 (with WSL) on a regular basis.

What color scheme do you use?

I'm currently heavily using the catppuccin theme for Neovim and VSCode.

Which terminal emulator do you use?

I use Alacritty on Windows and iTerm2 on MacOS.

What is your favorite web framework?

I like to use Astro for static websites like this one and create-t3-app for full-stack projects.

What programming languages do you know?

I switch a lot depending on what task I'm working on. At this moment I am most comfortable with TypeScript & Golang. I started out with C and used that a lot in my formal education.